Air Factory

Mystery by Air Factory E-Liquid blends mixed berries and fruits to create a complex fruity flavor that'll keep you guessing each and every time you vape.. One of the top selling e liquids on the market. Try it today and it won;t be a mystery as to why.


Factory E-Liquid is a delicious blue raspberry taffy candy, balancing sweetness with a hint of tartness to create an extraordinarily well-balanced flavor profile that is so juicy it will make you want to chew your vapor


Jaw Droppers hard candy flavor that is reminiscent of yesteryear. A watermelon rich flavor that rides over a candy base. If you're a fan of the candy nothing else comes close, sweet, juicy and with a power flavor experience on the inhale and exhale. Treat Factory E Liquid delivers exceptional quality.


Strawberry Kiwi E Liquid by Air Factory is a sweet strawberry taffy with a slight touch of kiwi delivering a mind blowing candy experience you'll crave all day.


Wild Apple E-Liquid by Air Factory is a mouth-watering, sweet green apple taffy candy that will make you want to chew your vape. Hottest new flavor by Air Factory


Air Factory Berry Rush

A succulent blend of berries including a wicked whammy of all your favorites: sun-warmed strawberries, plump blueberries, gently sweet raspberries, and tart blackberries. These blissfully sweet summer berries are blended perfectly with stretchy taffy; it’s no wonder why so many vapers love this flavor.

Air Factory Melon Lush

This succulent blend of giant summer watermelons and luscious honeydew melons is blended perfectly with stretchy taffy.