Gost Fruit

Nic Salt – Fruit

We took the essence of the finest red apples we could find and combined their core elements with the purest nic salt. Packed with 59mg of nicotine, Nic Salt Fruit will quickly become your new All-Day-Vape.


Gost Lemon Cream

Nic Salt – Lemon Cream

Lemon Cream is an incredible infusion of sweet and sour lemon infused with a luscious thick sweet cream that will surely satisfy any citrus lover’s dream

Gost Menthol

Nic Salt – Menthol

Introducing Menthol, a delicious concoction of cool spearmint and icy essence. A perfect all day vape for our menthol lovers!


Gost Sweets

Nic Salt – Sweets

We’ve created the perfect homage to the greatest gummy bear flavor around! A savory white peach combined with fresh juicy pineapple, sweets will quickly become your All-Day-Vape.


Gost Tobacco

Nic Salt – Tobacco

Hearty and wholesome with a touch of elegance, this rich Tobacco will satisfy all of your cravings. Best of all, it’s Nic Salt! Nic Salt Tobacco is the tobacco e-liquid you’ve been looking for!