Gorilla Warfare

Gorilla Warfare .45

Gorilla Warfare .45 Sour Blue Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea is a satisfying, refreshing vape juice drink blend of sour raspberry and delicious sweet peach tea.


Gorilla Warfare .50 Reloaded

Gorilla Warfare - .50 BMG Reloaded takes us to a fruity world and gives us a refreshing drink at the same time. This eJuice comes with a delightful mixture of strawberries, pineapples and dragon fruit. Plus there is a tropical pina colada thrown in for good measure.


Gorilla Warfare 5.56

Gorilla Warfare 5.56 Blue Sweet Agave Cactus vape juice features one of the world’s most popular natural sweeteners; Agave. The base ingredient of tequila, agave flourishes in the rich volcanic soil, agave is similar to honey and it is a mellow tasting sweet that is a joy to vape.


Gorilla Warfare 5.56 Relaoded

Gorilla Warfare 5.56 Reloaded Tropical Kiwi Cactus Gummi Worm is the most distinctively new flavor you'll probably come across. This is truly a vape that sparks the imagination with its unusual flavor combination.