Gorilla Warfare

Have you noticed the difference in flavor between fresh pineapple and canned or bottled pineapple juice? Fresh pineapple is rich with enzymes. It has a tart flavor profile, and it makes the mouth tingle. That’s the flavor that Gorilla Warfare has attempted to reproduce with .50 BMG. To sweeten the mix, they also added a hint of juicy tropical dragonfruit.

.45 by Gorilla Warfare has the classic flavor of sweet peach tea, but there’s a big twist: sour blue raspberry. You’ll taste the tannic bite of black tea in this e-liquid, but the sweetness of the peach will balance it. Simultaneously, the sour note of blue raspberry tempers the sweetness of the peach flavor. This is one delicious e-liquid!

Are you on the hunt for unusual e-liquid flavors? 5.56 by Gorilla Warfare has to be one of the most unique e-liquids we’ve ever tasted. It captures the flavor of the sweet agave plant. Agave nectar has become one of the world’s most popular natural sweeteners. It is also the base ingredient of tequila. Add a bit of cactus to your life with 5.56!