Micro Brew

Why so grumpy when your face is on a flavor like this? So rich and creamy, it actually feels like the butterscotch and cream just left your mouth, leaving behind this tasty goodness only describable as amazing. Vape this with a grumpy face... I dare you.


This poor guy's story should have made him be the grumpy one. But can you believe that flavor? Pretzel dough that's so soft and tasty. This is a must-have in any vapor bar. Load it up and take it down. Just be careful you don't take a mech mod to the eye!


What the hell is a parfait? We just wanted to make it sound like we knew a fancy word to describe this flavor. One of the favorites down at the old vaping hole. That poor Comet... well, maybe he's lucky... just someone give him a nice piece of asteroid.